Heritage Windows

Goldstar Windows supply a range of Heritage Windows using the revolutionary FlushSash system. This innovatory system is crafted from modern, weatherproof PVC-U. This means that - unlike traditional timber windows – our windows will never need sanding or repainting and will never rot, split or swell. These low-maintenance windows are designed to keep your home looking its best for years to come. Imagine, no more maintenance other than an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

The Goldstar FlushSash System can be specified in bespoke sizes to suit the windows of virtually any home. So, whether it's a tall townhouse or a quaint and cosy cottage, the FlushSash System is the ideal solution. An additional, elegant feature is Georgian bar detailing which can also be fitted within your windows to give the 'lattice' effect which can often be found in historic homes.

Choosing the Goldstar FlushSash System can often solve some of the common issues that are associated with Heritage houses including the damp and draughty living conditions which can be caused due to ill­ fitting windows, or ineffective single glazing. Choosing the Goldstar FlushSash System can solve these problems at a stroke. In addition, the Energy-efficient, high-spec PVC-U frames and double or triple glazing will keep your home significantly warmer and could dramatically lower your heating and energy bills. These features also prevent condensation forming and will significantly reduce unwanted outdoor noise.

Elegantly and Truly Authentic Style

The Goldstar FlushSash window is a leading edge product in terms of design, durability and efficiency. However, the overall look of the range is highly reminiscent of early 19th Century timber windows making the range ideal for heritage homes. The range is particularly beneficial in conservation areas where authentic looks are all-important.

The FlushSash System is specially designed to sit flush within the frame and this means that it offers a traditional, understated elegant look which is particularly suited to traditional properties. This system is quite unlike the chamfered and sculptured styles which are designed to add contour and detail to your windows.

But, looks and performance are two different stories. Indeed, however traditional this window may look, it offers deceptively modern performance standards in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation. Your home will be a haven of warmth and quiet, thanks to the thermal and acoustic insulation of the FlushSash. The design incorporates a clever five-chamber internal construction for increased energy efficiency.

Energy Efficient

Draughts and damp are traditionally associated with period properties but with the FlushSash System from Goldstar these problems become a thing of the past. This is the perfect solution for heritage applications. This system will make your home a warm and quiet haven which is why you should choose the elegant, energy-efficient FlushSash System to replace your old weather-worn windows.

The secret to energy efficiency is due to the five-chamber PVC-U frames of the FlushSash. Available with either double or triple glazing the addition of FlushSash provides an outstanding thermal barrier which will ensure that your home is extremely weatherproof and draught proof.

Safety and Security

Your windows shouldn't just look the part, they should provide the highest standards of security in order to keep your family, home and belongings safe and secure. With the FlushSash System from Goldstar you don't have to choose between style and security – You can have both!

Thanks to the system's clever design, it seamlessly combines timeless elegance with a range of robust security features.

Every window comes with high security, multipoint locking and features industry-leading hardware in the form of stylish key-locking handles. The multi-chamber construction of the window frames ensures impressive structural strength.

The FlushSash System meets or exceeds all British Standards and holds relevant accreditations for all aspects of security and weatherproofing.

The PVC-U profile used to create these high spec windows has been independently assessed and has BS kitemark and BBA accreditation achieving BS7950 and PAS 023/024 for security and BS637S wind and water testing (Classification: severe).

Your Home Can be as Individual as You Are

Every home is unique and the FlushSash System has been designed to allow specifiers to incorporate that, all important, individuality. The FlushSash is available in nineteen colours which allows you to perfectly personalise your property. Each colour and woodgrain has been designed to look just like traditional stained or painted timber but, best of all, they will require little or no maintenance other than an occasional wipe with a damp cloth.

You can also choose different finishes for the inside and outside of your property.

For example, you might want to choose a warm timber effect for the outside, such as 'Irish Oak,' and opt for clean, bright White for the interior – this is all possible. You might even decide to specify a particular colour to match your kitchen - Simply speak to us here at Goldstar Windows and we will present all the possible options.

Heritage Hardware

You can also personalise your beautifully-designed FlushSash windows with a choice of heritage details. Simply choose from the decorative features including 'monkey tail' handles and ornamental peg stays to give the feel of a genuine traditional timber window.

These optional finishing features will give your property interior the same degree of historic style and authenticity as it has on the exterior.

Contact Goldstar Windows and speak to a member of our friendly team to discuss the many options which are available for your home. We can help you to add character and class to your property, whilst improving its energy efficiency.

There's no need to choose between style and function – You can have both!


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