When it comes to designing and building conservatories Goldstar offers a full and complete service from planning approval to design, through to custom build and bespoke finishing. There are a variety of different conservatory options available to you, therefore the cost and duration of your conservatory build is dependant entirely on your individual conservatory requirements and specifications. Here at Goldstar we employ our own conservatory building team for the task of constructing your conservatory base, right through from the foundations to the walls, even landscaping your existing garden with a complimentary patio or flowerbed to add that finishing touch to your newly built conservatory. The designated teams of conservatory erectors are also part of our everyday team, and with a wealth of experience in conservatory build you can be assured of a first class conservatory precisely and expertly constructed.

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When Dutch horticulturists invented conservatories in the 17th century to conserve (hence the name) plants through the winter, they would have been unaware of the many adaptations which were to follow.   Attaching conservatories to the rear of the home became popular in the mid-Victorian era. The reduction in the cost of glass and the availability of cheaper iron works and new techniques in heating all combined to make the addition of a conservatory possible on even quite modest Victorian homes.   Conservatories were now in Vogue and they became an ideal room to entertain guests and display the horticultural trophies of the British Empire.

The ambience and light of the conservatory contrasted with the dull interior of the home allowed Edwardians to introduce furniture and ornaments as exotic as plants to adorn their conservatory.

  The lean-to conservatory, while simple in design, is perfect when one wants to make the most of the available space. The addition of this style of conservatory is quick and cost effective.   Through the ages conservatories have always been a great addition to any property. Since the 17th century architecture in buildings has changed dramatically. Architects with their individual flair and creativeness were always looking for new ideas and challenges. What they realised was even the most ordinary looking building had its own individual characteristics and these could be reflected in the design of the conservatory. The proliferation of conservatories continues today as it allows property owners to add their own design feature in the form of a bespoke conservatory!


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